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Corporate Financial Management Option (FCFM)

Corporate finance involves using financial tools and analyses to increase profits, grow value, improve the returns of businesses, as well as raise and allocate capital, and reduce financial risks. Most corporate finance professionals work for corporations and businesses. In addition, these same skills are also applicable in the government sector, investment banking, consulting and for entrepreneurs starting up and growing businesses.

A career in corporate finance is an excellent way to learn how businesses function and, more importantly, how they generate income and returns for their shareholders. Corporate finance may also be a pathway to the upper management of companies. Many companies put their new finance employees through formal training programs. These training programs provide new graduates with an excellent transition from the university setting to full-time employment. Alternatively, companies may have rotational programs, in which new employees spend their first few years rotating through a variety of business units and roles. These programs are ideal for new graduates, because they provide the opportunity to learn about many aspects and functional areas of the company and how they are interrelated.

Key skills required in corporate finance include analytical skills, communication skills (written and verbal), accounting skills, and teamwork skills. The Corporate Financial Management Option provides students with the necessary framework to be successful in all these areas. The option provides students with coursework in a broad range of topics related to corporate finance, including international finance, mergers and acquisitions, valuation, corporate governance, capital raising, risk management and hedging.

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