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All Pamplin Students have an advisor in the Undergraduate Advising office. To schedule an appointment with your advisor please visit their Advising page.

Check the following links for department checklists and course requirements here.  You may also consult the Undergraduate Course Catalog.

DARS is an acronym for Virginia Tech's Degree Audit Reporting System. It is a computer generated report for undergraduate students. The report matches the degree requirements of an undergraduate degree program showing the student's course work already taken toward the requirements. The audit report serves the following purposes:

  1. The audit identifies those graduation requirements completed as well as those requirements needing completion prior to graduation.
  2. The DARS report provides each student and advisor with an important advising and planning tool to assist with appropriate course schedules each semester.
  3. Students should apply for their degree and initiate a DARS Report no later than the first term of junior year.
    For more information check this website:

To request a DARS report

  1. Log onto Hokie SPA
  2. Click on "Degree Menu"
  3. Click on "Undergraduate Degree Menu" or "Associate Degree Menu"
  4. Click on "Degree Audit Report Menu"
  5. Click on "Request a Degree Audit"
  6. Select the appropriate degree program from the drop down menu
  7. Click "Run Audit"
  8. Click "View Submitted Audits"
  9. If your audit does not appear click "Refresh the list" until it appears.
  10. Click on the link to the DARS

You can request and view DARS reports at any time after applying for your degree. It is recommended you request a new DARS report at least once each semester.
REMEMBER: If you want to add a minor, concentration or double major, you should do so with your academic dean's office before you can update it on your application for degree.

A Force-Add is a request for a course when a student is unable to register for the course through either course request or drop/add. All force-adds are processed as soon as possible. Acceptable uses for a force-add would be trying to enroll in a course where you've taken a prerequisite at another University and the course has not transferred yet, or other similiar situations. A force-add is not to change a section, or to waive a prerequisite. The Force-Add form for Finance courses can be found here. The Finance Department only processes Force-Adds for Finance courses.

There are two types of Independent Studies for Finance majors:

The most common is an Internship Independent Study.
An Internship Independent Study can be done when an internship requires a student to receive credit in order to be granted the internship. In order to receive Internship IS credit a student must provide the department the following before the start of the internship:

  1. An offer letter of employment/internship
  2. A description of the internship
  3. A completed Independent Study form

In order to receive credit for the Internship I.S. the student must provide:

  • A letter of successful completion of the Internship
  • A 5 to 7 page report detailing what was learned during the Internship

The Internship I.S. will be 1 credit, pass/fail. It will only count as a free elective.

The second type of Independent study is to further a student's knowledge in a particular area. This type of independent study is rare. Usually it will be counted as 1 credit, though depending on the depth of the work involved, may be approved for 3 credits. To do this type of independent study, first the student needs to find a professor willing to work with him/her, and then fill out the Independent Study Form.

Unfortunately, no. Finance Department doesn’t automatically offer academic credits for any internship. However, please see the question above for earning credit for an internship.

Information on Transferring Classes can be found here.

Overall GPA of at least 2.0 and in-major GPA of at least 2.0 are required for graduation.
Fin 3134, Fin 3144, Fin 3154: C or better required for graduation.

*Always check your DARs report, and Checksheet for changes to rules and grade requiremt