Faculty in the Media

Media Faculty Date Title
VT News Raman Kumar October 18, 2019 If a stock goes up, must it eventually come down? A finance professor tries to find the answer. 
VT News Arthur Keown October 3, 2019 Class of 2021 sponsor named
VT News George Morgan October 3, 2019 New program lets students learn banking through loans with real money
VT News Jin Xu September 30, 2019 Jin Xu receives Best Paper Award for research showing tax benefit of debt financing
VT News George Morgan September 3, 2019 Recession indicators tilting the scales, Virginia Tech finance expert says
VT News Brian Hart August 27, 2019 Practium gives students a window into Wells Fargo
NewsRadio George Morgan August 20, 2019 Recession Indicators
VT News Bradley Paye June 5, 2019 Pamplin finance professor runs down a dream
VT News Gregory Kadlec May 1, 2019 Greg Kadlec wins Wine Award for teaching excellence
MarketWatch Derek Klock September 2016 Is Your Tolerance for Risk Being Measured Correctly?
Financial Planning Ruth Lytton August 2016 School's out: Making the case for a Financial Planning Degree.
VT News Art Keown April 2016 Art Keown Appointed Alumni Distinguished Professor
AACSB Blog Janine Hiller February 2016 Rediscovering the Power of Law in Business Education
Popular Science Janine Hiller February 2016 Companies are Using Big Data To Track Employee Health and Pregnancies
Econ Focus Ugur Lel Fall 2015 Worker Pay vs. CEO Pay
U.S. News Derek Klock Sept. 16, 2015 Protect Your Investment Portfolio From Volatility with Mutual Funds
Wallet Hub Derek Klock Fall 2015 2015 Holiday Budgets by City
Pamplin Magazine Raman Kumar Fall 2015 Raman Kumar wins Wine Teaching Award
Pamplin Magazine Sattar Mansi Fall 2015 Forever investors boost shareholder return
VT News Raman Kumar April 27, 2015 Raman Kumar receives 2015 William E. Wine Award
VT News Mike Kender March 20. 2015 Virginia Tech MBA students are state champs in investment banking competition