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Checksheets are an excellent way to help students chart their academic processes. A checksheet, combined with advisor meetings and a DARS* report will help a student stay on track for graduation.

Checksheets are in line with the year the student is planned to graduate. They are also available for Finance majors in the department office at Pamplin 1016.

*You must apply for your degree at the beginning of your junior year. Approximately 2-3 business days after applying for your degree, you will be able to request your DARS report through Hokie SPA.

Finance (FIN) Students entering Summer/Fall 2023
Major: Financial Planning and Wealth Management (CFPF) 2023/2024
Major: Finance and Real Estate (FREL) 2023/2024
Major: FinTech and Big Data Analytics (FBDA) 2023/2024
Option: Corporate Financial Management (FCFM) 2023/2024
Option: Financial Accounting (FFAC) 2023/2024
Option: Investment Management (FCFA) 2023/2024
Option: Financial Risk Management (FNRM) 2023/2024


Minors in Finance