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Risk Management & Banking

Why This Option?

Banks and others financial firms are clamoring to recruit from the credit-savvy pipeline created by combining the RMB courses, the RMA Credit Essentials Certificate, and Credit Corps hands-on experience. The reputation of the program is growing quickly and broadly. You can get in on the ground floor now. But equally important are the skills of analysis and understanding businesses that will serve you well in any future career as well as your personal life.

Industry-focused experience + Graduate level expertise = More and better career opportunities

RMB option allows students to pursue many paths involving financial risks with its focus on banking, valuation, credit analysis, business analytics, credit markets, and a hands-on experiential capstone for those eligible. Any situation where a business has to assess the viability of a counterparty to fulfill its financial obligations will require the skills from the RMB option. Employers are eager to obtain talent with those skills.

There are two distinguishing aspects of the RMB option: Credit Risk Analysis and The Credit Corps. Credit Risk Analysis (FIN 3254) prepares students to become certified by the Risk Management Association, the most widely valued and recognized professional certification in credit risk.

The second distinction is the Credit Corps. With the active involvement of our industry partners, the RMB option culminates in the distinctive and highly valuable opportunity to join the Credit Corps: the student group that manages a $2mm portfolio of loans to real companies.

The RMB option puts you as a top hiring priority at employers in commercial & investment banking, “direct lending”* (private debt/equity), venture capital, investment portfolio management, and corporate finance.

Student Competencies:

  • Superior education in risk management through a wide variety of courses and experiences with a strong foundation in credit underwriting and credit portfolio management
  • Ability to evaluate the financial health & operations of a business
  • Unrivaled experience in credit, corporate analysis, and communications
  • Personal and professional growth applying course matter on a rapid time scale

Experiential Learning:

  • Manage and participate in a diversified portfolio of real bank loans ($2mm committed)
  • Underwriting C&I and CRE loans for middle market companies
  • Serve the needs of businesses and communities in Virginia and the mid-Atlantic region
  • Gain experience investing real money in sophisticated assets such as corporate revolvers and real estate development instruments
  • Participate in live deals with real money and responsibilities with accountability for returns as well as the success of local businesses
  • Interact with outstanding entrepreneurs and senior management of middle market businesses in manufacturing, business services, agriculture, real estate and more.

Targeted Skill-sets:

  • In-depth analysis of financial statements
  • Constructing financial models of companies
  • Problem solving
  • Researching businesses, industries, and business models (business analytics)
  • Ability to collaborate and allocate work in teams
  • Loan portfolio management
  • Communication of complex financial issues as related to accept vs. reject loan decisions
  • Managerial expertise through the experience of lending real money
  • Networking with company executives, advisors, bankers

Example Careers:

  •  Private Debt/Equity ("Direct Lending")
  • Late-Stage Venture Capital Financing 
  • Investment Banking (IB) (Industry Analysis, Debt Mkts., M&A, Distressed Debt)
  • Counterparty Risk Manager (Banks, Corporations, Non-Banks & FinTech Firms)
  • Debt Capital Markets (DCM)
  • Asset Portfolio Management (Fixed Income, Credit Derivatives, Mutual Funds)
  • Commercial Lender (Corporate Banker, Corporate Relationship Manager)
  • Corporate Finance (Corporate Treasurer, CFO)
  • Regulation (Banking, Securities, Rating Agencies)

Types of Companies Hiring RMB Graduates:

  • Atlantic Union Bank
  • First Bank and Trust
  • Varagon Capital
  • Midcap Financial
  • Bank of America
  • Royal Bank of Canada
  • Citibank
  • FDIC and Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond
  • Moody’s