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Financial Accounting

Many employers seek students with strong skills in both accounting and finance, and this option is designed to provide students with strength in both areas.  The Financial Accounting option combines upper-level coursework in both accounting and finance, and most students in this option graduate with a double-major in those two subjects.  Some of those students go on to take the CPA exam after graduation and go into roles with accounting firms, while others go into a variety of finance career paths.  The object of this option is to equip students with the analytical tools and skills used in financial decision-making, along with an extensive knowledge of accounting practice.  Accounting is the language of finance, and strong accounting skills give Finance majors a significant competitive advantage.

Student Competencies:

  • Understand and apply the concepts of financial analysis and valuation
  • Possess expertise in financial reporting, tax planning, and managerial accounting practices
  • Understand financial instruments and their impact on corporate financial statements
  • Combine diverse skill sets to make better-informed financial and managerial decisions

Experiential Learning:

  • Students can apply their knowledge of finance and accounting as members of BASIS and SEED, Virginia Tech’s student-managed investment funds
  • Students can join Beta Alpha Psi, Virginia Tech’s accounting and finance honor society, which hosts speakers throughout the year

Targeted Skill-sets:

  • Ability to organize and analyze data
  • Ability to use Excel to organize and solve problems
  • Ability to make data-based decisions and apply them in a variety of real-world settings
  • Attention to detail

Example Careers:

  • Auditor
  • Corporate tax planning
  • Corporate and public-sector financial planning, budgeting and analysis
  • Contract analysis
  • Valuation
  • Investment banking
  • Consulting