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Freeman Lo

Adjunct Lecturer
27 Pamplin
880 West Campus Drive
Blacksburg, VA 24061
  • Radford University: Lecturer 8/2018 – Present
    • Teach Python programming ITEC 109
    • Teach Web development ITEC 225
    • Robotic Engineering Training
    • Created VM ova file to give to student to write NodeJS Application
  • Virginia Tech: Adjunct Lecturer 1/2021 – Present
    • Teach Python programming and Data Science in Finance

  • University of Maryland@Baltimore: Linux Administrator 10/2016 – 7/2018
    • Wrote LDAP user query script in python
    • Rebuilt entire Solaris 10.x  machine with zfs shares
    • Google For Education – Gmail and GAE
    • Linux FileSystem encryption {Luks} with cryptsetup tool
    • Ansible OS deployment tool and playbook scripting
    • Wordpress, Vibe, Mysql, Sympa list server, setup Tripwire server
    • Python scripting for general use on automation  
    • Managed Linux VMs with ESX server web interface
    • Patch Solaris, Linux VMs, typical admin tasks
  • JHU Medicine: Application Developer 3/2015 – 9/2016
    • VB .net programming w/SQL server
    • Windows 2008 R2 maintenance
    • PC/Apple Encryption
    • Solaris configuration
    • Subversion setup and configuration
    • MAC laptop/desktop software management
  • Informs: Linux Consultant   5/2014 – 12/2014
    • Worked on managing mail system
    • Compiled specialized software in Linux environment
    • Troubleshoot issues with software
    • Configured Nginx with multiple threads
  • JHU-Sheridan Libraries: System Administrator  ( Senior System Analyst )      2/2013 – 2/2015
    • Worked on setting up Archival applications
    • Monitored and Setup Xen virtual environments for testing and production services
    • Installed Write-Blocker, CentOS server, add {RAM,HD,Hardware}
    • Secured and tighten linux CentOS servers, update CentOS servers
    • Installed, configured, manage  glassfish service
    • Wrote Bash and Python scripts to monitor and maintain *nix systems
    • Cleaned data sensitive machines-data scrubbing
  • UMD-School of Business: Assistant Director (Windows / Linux Administrator )      2/2012 – 2/2013
    • Work with students to further develop their plans on programming projects for various IT courses
    • Setup, Configured and installed MS-SQL Server 2010 to support business courses
    • Scripted and Automated process to generate mysql backup for web production server
    • Content Management on Website
    • Distant Learning Tools
  • UNC-CH Odum Institute: System Analyst (Linux Administrator )      7/2010 to 2/2012
    • Setup and configured  ESX VMware instances
    • Setup and configured Amazon EC2 cloud computing instances
    • Automated procedures in populating the Dataverse Network
    • Manage LOCKSS AUs
    • Wrote backup scripts for Mysql and PostgreSQL
    • Compiled and installed software on servers
    • Work with Amazon cloud VM instances
    • Secure and tighten linux RHEL servers, update RHEL servers
    • Install, configured, manage tomcat, apache, glassfish service
  • UNC-CH School of Medicine: System Analyst (Unix/Solaris/Linux/Mac Administrator)                 10/2007 to 7/2010
    • Setup and configured  VMware instances for users
    • Jmeter stress testing
    • Plone Website configuration with load balance and buildout technology
    • Configured OSX 10.5 Xserve w/Ldap
    • Manages backup storage via SL500, L25 with legato software
    • Setup, configured, installed mediawiki
    • Setup, configured, installed mysql, wrote python script to add users to wiki
    • Coded in php via nusoap on Lyris
    • Setup, installed, configured console servers
    • Jumpstarted Solaris via network, configured Solaris, installed packages
    • Setup, configured, installed apple OS 10.4, 10.5, QTSS, httpd, firewall, user accounts
    • Setup, configured, installed Nagios 3.10 for monitoring servers
    • Monitor room temperature via room monitoring system, sanitize-replace hardware, upgrade software
    • configured, installed BIND, Sendmail, httpd
    • Wrote documentations, troubleshoot user issues
  • Durham Technical Community College: Programming Instructor                                     1/2008 to 5/2011
    • Taught 2005
    • Taught  Raptor programming
    • Taught Intro to Computers
    • Wrote a plugin C# dll toLower() and toUpper() methods for raptor
    • Wrote a student authentication, attendance tracking system via php
  • Personal Consulting Website:                                                               8/2004 to present
    • Concept Mapping Development
    • Camtasia 9.x – screen capturing video editing tool
    • Curriculum Design and Planning
    • Covid tracking:
    • Docker instances
    • Specialize in Open Source Applications
      • Obtain design templates and restructure CSS, html design
      • Install, setup, and configure Linux Operating systems (mainstream Linux OSes)
      • Install, setup and configure vsftpd, proftpd, apache, samba, mysql, zope, plone, etc. 

Mr. Lo has had over 15 years in working in the Information Technology industry along with Teaching at Higher Education.  He has earned a MS in Computer Science from Towson University as well as a MS in Education Technology with a concentration in Computer Science from Radford University.  It was quite an achievement to obtain this MS degree from Towson university while being employed in a local University in the state of Maryland. Mr. Lo had worked in the technology as a Software Developer, an Engineer also as an IT consultant.

Mr.Lo’s research interest rests in Data Science on public accessible Healthcare data and natural Language processing.  With the understanding Data Science concept,  we can use visualization tools to view trends and make simple predictions using public accessible data.  It is with much delight that Mr.Lo has continue to gain software engineering concepts by developing simple web applications and with an interests in learning natural languages such as German and Swedish.  He is also a globe-trekker, who enjoyed traveling to Europe and has visited Germany and Sweden. 

Education & Certification 

Towson University, Towson MD, December 2017, MS Computer Science

Radford University, Radford VA, December 2006, MS Education Technology

Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond VA, May 2002, BS Information Systems